Effipharma Inc. was formed to develop novel therapeutics for the treatment of disorders of the central nervous system. The particular focus is on Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, including other deficits of cognition, and schizophrenia.

Effipharma has the advantage of being able to leverage innovative leads and approaches developed over many years by the scientific founder, Dr. Richard Mailman, a world renowned expert in the field.

Market. The market for compounds addressing these three conditions is greater than $18 billion and it has been growing at a high rate due to the aging population and the increasing availability of healthcare worldwide. However there are no good solutions to eliminate the impact of the targeted conditions and there are certainly no cures.

Key Strengths. Effipharma has two specific research and development directions, each with the potential for major therapeutic breakthroughs. The discovery and development of a single compound from either one of these directions will break new ground in medicinal approaches to the targeted Central Nervous System disorders.

• Dopamine D1 receptor agonists
• Functionally selective drugs


Company formed in 2007.

Guiding principles:

1. Improve the lives of patients with CNS diseases
2. Increase the probability of success of innovative new
    compounds by leveraging the concept of “functional selectivity”.
3. Apply novel approaches to existing compounds that
    have properties their original discovers failed to
    appreciate to shorten the development cycle.


• Dr. Richard Mailman - Scientific Founder

• Alan Dow - CEO and President

• Todd Johnson - CFO

• Justin Brown - Research Scientist

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